My Health Guide recently changed to Hear Me Now

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Hear Me Now Pricing

Individual Subscriber

Individual users can purchase annual subscriptions to use the Hear Me Now app and service.

£60 per year

Subscription gives users full access to Hear Me Now:

  • Create and manage boxes according to your needs
  • Add, edit, remove box content (text, pictures, video and audio)
  • Create appointments with scheduled reminders
  • Add contacts
  • Add documents
  • Share your boxes with friends and family


Organisations can bulk purchase tokens and distribute them to their patients / service users / residents, who will have full access to Hear Me Now. App users can grant remote access to their content to organisation staff. If required, remote access by staff can be controlled using Hear Me Now’s vetting procedure, to suit the organisation’s needs. Staff can remotely push new content to app users, including new box content and alerts.

Maldaba are available to assist organisations with introduction to Hear Me Now, including training sessions and responsive support for organisation staff.

We would love to see everybody come to us with Hear Me Now. We want to see what people think is important for them. We want them to have real empowerment over their lives and to make choices for themselves.

Joanne Bone, Senior Nurse, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

For more information about how Hear Me Now can benefit your organisation, and how to deploy it, please fill in the form below and press submit.