My Health Guide recently changed to Hear Me Now

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My Health Guide

We’ve known for a while that My Health Guide is not an app that just deals with health, but is an app that people with all types of cognitive issues use on a daily basis to help them communicate with loved ones, friends and professional carers.

After a lot of research and discussion with users, Maldaba decided to give the app a new identity and a facelift – something positive to show for 2020!!

In keeping with the principle that app users want to tell people they know and they trust all about their lives, their concerns and their likes and dislikes we decided that the name Hear Me Now perfectly fits the bill.

The new-look app still retains all the familiar features – users can still create boxes, add content items such is pictures, words, videos and audio files; they will still be able to create appointments and add new contacts; customise their profiles and colour schemes – in fact everything that they have always been able to do.

They can now do it in a more modern-looking app, with a different name and logo – and they can say out loud: Hear Me Now.

For clinicians, carers, parents and supporters of MHG, you can still access the remote interface. All your old usernames and passwords have been retained so you shouldn’t have any trouble logging in when you want to communicate with your supported individuals or upload your own Curated Content. There have been style changes introduced there too – but all existing features remain.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new look so if you have any feedback, please let us know at