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Hear Me Now assists professional staff who support adults with learning disabilities, and those who commission services.

How Hear Me Now Supports Commissioners & Providers

We see Hear Me Now as a really important tool to make available to our clinicians and the clients that we’re working with.

David Hill, CEO, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

As a citizen there is now an expectation backed by the UK Government & NHS England commitment that people will have the ability to view their care records online. By 2020 they will be able to write their comments and preferences in those records.

The focus will extend beyond NHS providers to other care settings, including services provided by local authorities and other agencies. Hear Me Now helps the NHS organisations that commission and provide care to deliver on the digital promise today.

Hear Me Now lets individuals build up a picture and support profile of what has happened to them, what has worked well and what they need for the future. It empowers patients to make better choices and decisions about their care and to share that information with their family and professionals.

Hear Me Now meets the following capabilities that are expected in all digital road maps:

  • It allows for patient-collected information to help improve self-care across the care pathway
  • Professionals in a range of care settings can be made aware of preferences and needs
  • It enables the person to only tell their story once and to experience receiving improved care across many settings

It is available as a subscription service that can be funded in number of ways including:

How Hear Me Now Supports Staff

Front-line Staff


Hear Me Now supports a co-produced approach to creating and managing a person’s package of care, helping staff and the adults they support work collaboratively on their health. Hear Me Now enables staff to reinforce information and advice by contributing to app users’ boxes with text, photos, audio and video.

Hear Me Now enables staff to maintain contact remotely with the adults they support via Hear Me Now’s web interface. App users can share their app boxes with staff, who can keep in touch with the user’s activities between contact visits. Staff can pick up worries or concerns early, can contribute new content to shared boxes, and can send alerts to the app from the Hear Me Now web interface.

With a lady with complex epilepsy and mental health issues, we’ve used Hear Me Now as a communication passport. There’s a box to explain the types of seizures she has. Another box has her epilepsy plan and the emergency medication she requires if she has a seizure. She found it particularly useful to create a Worries box, to write down things that bother her.

Sarah Hockley, Support Worker, Millers Day Centre, East Riding of Yorkshire

Watch NHS Speech & Language Therapist Stephanie Dines explain how Hear Me Now benefits her and her patients, enabling them to much more easily communicate between different care givers, and also keep her family in touch with what’s happening in her life.


Commissioners can harness the proven effectiveness of Hear Me Now to empower the lives of learning-disabled adults. Observations of Hear Me Now use indicate:

  • A reduction in the need for formal care
  • Reduced level of re-admission
  • Fewer occupied bed days

How Organisations Engage with Hear Me Now


We start the process with a series of meetings to ascertain the needs of the organisation and to understand the cohort of users which the organisation supports. This normally results in a pilot use of the technology, involving a small number of staff and service users. Maldaba provide training, workshops, and on-going support throughout the pilot to suit the needs of the staff and the service users. We recommend that the pilot usually lasts around six months, and we’ll work with the organisation to identify success markers to be assessed at the end.


Following analysis of the pilot data, Maldaba partners with the organisation to support wider roll-out to staff and service users. This is staged: on-boarding is performed at a rate that is manageable for the organisation. As word spreads through the community, and as service users and staff feedback on their experiences, the take-up will increase as more users want to engage, and staff increase their confidence in using the technology.


Maldaba is there every step of the way to assist with additional training, provide technical support and user workshops, and to advise on how to get the best out of Hear Me Now.

In addition there are a range of online support tools we’ve made available to you, such as:

Integrating with NHS Procedures

Hear Me Now has passed both ethical approval for an NHS trial, as well as the information governance and privacy impact assessment for roll-out in Humber NHS Foundation Trust. Staff access to app user data can be configured to match the protocol requirements of individual organisations so that the Hear Me Now service fits-in with existing processes.

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You can read about a selection of Hear Me Now experiences in our Case Studies section. You can also download the Hear Me Now brochure, summarising the features and benefits of Hear Me Now.

The best way to find out more is to contact us. We’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements and how Hear Me Now can help your organisation support your service users.